About me

Hi! I'm Sam, an NC photographer with a love for romance,

light, soft color, honest images, and real moments.

I have enjoyed photography my entire life (my dream job as a child was to take photos for NatGeo!) and I finally believed in myself enough to follow my dream of being a professional photographer about seven years ago. I do photography full time and I feel so blessed and grateful to be trusted by so many people to capture their most important memories. My heart is full of gratitude for my people and this opportunity, and whether it's a wedding or a senior portrait session, I do not take the opportunity lightly. 

I am insured, so if your venue requires vendor's insurance (as most do these days) we are covered!

I am located in central NC, but I do travel and love a good road trip. I know the smallest moments are the biggest memories and candids will always be my favorite. I believe there is beauty in the mundane and that hiring a photographer shouldn't be a complicated process. 

Feel free to click the button below with any questions about my photography services!

North Carolina photographer