Abby & Barret- Raleigh, NC Engagement Session

Hi friends! It's been a very busy wedding and engagement season over here- It almost feels like October (those in the wedding industry know how busy October is 😵‍💫), so I haven't had much extra time for blogging! I am trying to catch up on posting my recent work and I'm excited to start with this sweet sunset engagement session! Abby and Barret drove down from Northern Virginia to do their engagement session near Abby's hometown. We found a great waterfront spot in Raleigh and I am obsessed with the light we had on this evening.

Also- this was my first time completely wiping out during a session. Talk about pain 😂 I slipped on the rocks of the waterfall and landed on my side. I was covered in mud and algae- saved my camera though...haha I was impressed my first instinct was to save my gear and not myself. But the camera was safe and we carried on like nothing happened- stained clothes, limp and all.

*Special thanks to Sweet Sara Belle Weddings for connecting me with this couple. I can't wait to shoot their wedding at The Bradford in 2023 🤍