Reynolda Gardens Family Session

Sessions with toddlers- you really never know what you'll get! You can go in with a plan, and definitely SHOULD go in with a plan, but let's be real- the kids are the bosses here. I try to knockout the portraits right off the get-go, before the tots get too bored of me and the camera. From there I try to use prompts for the family, but keep in mind prompts can be a bit difficult with young children who don't understand the words you are using and who also have no idea why they are there with a stranger holding a weird device in front of them 😂 Sooo, the best option usually with young tots is to just capture family interaction. I get the parents to distract the babies/children with surrounding objects, in this case it was the roses and water pond. I ask them to hold their hand and just walk toward me, while I keep my distance. I also try to get them to get the child to run toward them and give them a huge hug- sometimes this one works and sometimes the kids are like nahhhh fam 🥲. Luckily that prompt worked for this session! I love more natural vibes and interactions in my photography, rather than just posey looking at the camera. I just think looking back you want to remember a stage in life exactly as it was, for family sessions especially.